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Chapel Griggs

Chapell Griggs , a proud father of 2 boys and a 12 year strong relationship with with his fiancé ,was born and raised in Salt Lake City Utah. He always  had a want to entertain and was influenced by entertainers like Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Vanilla Ice etc. Chapell has always been a fan of hip hop and r&b. At the age of 15 Chapell got into creating his own rhymes and performing them along side his brother "Kaotic" locally and in surrounding states. In 2010 Chapell did his first solo rap show and had an unbelievable reaction from the crowd which motivated him to pursue music and for the next 6 years making a name for himself and becoming a well known and respected rap artist in the SLC music scene. He released his mixtape titled "16th Letter" Jan 16th 2016. Within that same time frame Chapell met JD Allen (InglewoodFilms) at a mutual friends music video shoot and instantly gained a bond to create film together. Over the years together, a phenomenal team has been built. They have created a handful of short films, commercials and features and have won a handful of awards for their work. Today Chapell still loves to work on and has a large passion for music and performing live shows. He is a proud member of InglewoodFilms and is currently working with the film crew on creating top quality stories and content to continue to build the brand and push the name hoping to one day make a difference.

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