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Damarr Jones

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Damarr Jones has a Bachelors degree in Communication and a two time business award winner. He is also an ACTOR/MODEL/DIRECTOR/WRITER/NUCLEAR ENGINEER and ENTREPRENEUR. He retired from the United States Air force, where he had been building nuclear weapons for over 20 years. His recent movie called Unseen who got nominated best short film, he played officer role in that film. Growing up in Riverside, California is where he experienced some of the lowest moments of his life. He become involved with gangs which resulted in him being around drugs and murderers. Although this was the beginning of his life, he didn't allow it to prevent him from becoming the man that he is today. He made a nonprofit speaking group that inspires the youth in the community called "Elate The Minds". He has inspired refugees, teens in jail, and half way houses. As well as all children elementary - high school age. He is very grateful and proud that he is able to influence and help better these children better their lives. He went from hurting his community to helping it heal. He motivates children to follow their dreams no matter what situation they are in. One of his goals is to help these children see their worth and understand that they are not the environment in which they live, however they have the ability to create their own community. Everyone has a story to tell but Damarr Jones use his to inspire the youth.

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