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‘’IT TAKES A TEAM TO BUILD A DYNASTY”. The guys and gals who had my back, this is LOVE, I drive a hard line because I want US to win. I ain’t perfect but I’m working! JD Allen, Rickey Allen, Everett Spencer, Musa Ali Aden, Kaila Davis, Taa Netavius Davis, Vacou Early, Eric Harrison, Chapell Yaboypell Griggs, Damarr Jones, Tua Kealoha My UCE! Tyrone Hines, Herman Briggs, Pam Stimson Briggs, Andre Martinez, Xelot Film, Rollin Filmz and Gorrilla Mafia Media. - Roe TheCloser Goldstein

#IAmTheCloser #Film #SaltLakeCity

Some months ago, me and a group of men & women gave back to the community and kids in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was an amazing day!!!! Thank You All again for donating your time and resources to inspire the next generation of film makers, actors, make up artist, producers, directors, screen writers, videographer’s, and CLOSERS. #IAmTheCloser #Kids4Film

#KIDS4FILM was a huge success, we curated a new platform to showcase industry film professionals at booths to teach kids the various jobs and careers behind the scenes of the film business, all in a charitable back to school event, to inspire and give hope to kids and families at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Intermountain Area location here in Salt Lake City.

Congrats & Thank You to our Partnership Team @goldsteingroupstudios @inglewoodfilms @etmelatetheminds @uofutheatre @rmhc_utah

Thank You to the sponsors/vendors @harlowfx @chuckaramabuffet @geloicecream @rollingfilmz @amillustrationz @diamondpixeldesign @key1illmanic @steelstrongproductions @ghostvlogs @black_timber_beard @batmanofogden @usairforce

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