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Musa Aden is an actor, husband, and father of three children. He is from Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, East Africa. He came with his family to the US. He speaks English and Somalian languages. Musa's father was a businessman back before the war started. He used to do distribution for furniture and bathroom companies in Italy, Dubai and other countries and bring them to Somalia. In 1992 when the war started, his dad took their family to Kenya. They left everything they had back in Somalia. Going to Kenya with nothing but a bag of clothes as refugees was the worst thing that had ever happened to them. For 5 years they struggled in a country where they didn't know the language. Musa's family found a sponsor through his brother-in-law to come to United States of America. In 1999 they came to Utah, where there were few Somali families, and it was difficult getting used to the new culture, but it was way better than Kenya. Musa went to Highland High School and after a year he joined the soccer team. He played for three years, then graduated from high school. He could not go to college because he had family to take care of. His first job was working at 7 Eleven as a cashier. Because working at nighttime was not safe, Musa instead started working at Budget Rent A Car as a car cleaner. Musa got married and had his firstborn child. It was a time where he needed to earn extra cash, so he climbed his way up from Return Area to Airport Manager, working there for 6 years. Since the company was a franchise, that was the highest Musa could go and the salary was not enough for him to provide for his family, so he applied to Xfinity. Working there in customer service at Xfinity paid him more than what he was making as a manager responsibility, but still making more money. Being an actor was Musa's dream, but he didn't know where to start or who to talk to, because nobody he hung out with was into acting. They only played soccer. One day a Somali artist from Canada named Ka'naan was shooting a short movie called "Manakobi." He asked the Somali community for help to get extras, and Musa happened to be one of them. Musa was given a speaking role, and that opportunity gave him a little experience. A few years passed, and one of his customers asked him if he was the one who played Captain Phillip. Then the man asked Musa if he was into acting. Musa told him that he was interested but did not know where to start. The man gave Musa a card for an Elevate Talent Agency manager. Musa felt like he was putting in more work than his agent, finding his own auditions and promoting himself. Then Musa met Tua Kealoha, who was giving a motivational anti-gang speech to African kids. As they listened to Tua's life story, Musa was inspired. Musa learned that Tua Kealoha is an actor who had a few roles in big movies, and he had a chance to talk to Tua after the speech. They exchanged information, and Tua gave Musa an opportunity to be in a film that he directed, called "Samoan Gold."Then Musa met Rachelle Hardy Auricle Talent Agent he is been with Auricle Talent Agent for over two years he has gotten multiple opportunities thru the whole two years, Musa also had big opportunity to be in a feature Film called The happy worker, directed by Duwayne Dunham. Royal Talent Management offered Musa to join their team end of 2019 who is now his new agent. Next, Musa Now works with Inglewoodfilms alongside crew Chapell, Damarr, Tua & JD Allen, the DP/Editor/Producer of "Samoan Gold" and Director/DP/Editor of "Fear Level". Musa had never seen a crew who believed in each other and call each other brothers. Musa is thankful for his opportunities and loves to help his film friends. He aspires to keep acting and collaborating. He has a heart of gold and is determined to keep his dream alive of being a successful actor and filmmaker. 

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