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Tua Kealoha

Tua Kealoha, an American actor, director, writer and passionate about serving his community. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, now residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Throughout Tua’s adolescence he had many troubles with the law.  During these times Tua found himself dreaming of something bigger for himself, but with the struggles of life those dreams eventually began to fade. As a young husband and father Tua quickly realized the life he wanted wasn’t the life he was living and began to dream of his childhood dreams once again. He quickly realized that the negative lifestyle no longer provided the needs he thought it once did. Tua began setting life goals and creating positive opportunities. Tua was determined nothing would stop him this time & began his journey.

In 2012, Tua started his own Security and Bodyguard services, serving multiple celebrities who visited Salt Lake City. He became very successful in this endeavor which opened an avenue of networking to later become a great asset. During this era Tua also dedicated time to giving back to troubled youth in hopes he would be able to deter them from living the life he once lived by sharing his lived experiences. Tua’s concern & compassion for others is endless. His ability to adapt into any situation and find necessary resources to meet the needs of so many comes by second nature. Uplifting those in the community to see brighter days ahead, finding the hope and strength they need to build resiliency within themselves with the encouragement Tua so freely gives.

Throughout Tua’s life, his big dream had always been becoming an actor. Although on multiple accounts he has relived the anguish of being ridiculed in the past for such dreams. The reality of becoming an actor seemed to be just a dream until he gained the confidence while working as a bodyguard during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah, there he was approached by a casting associate who asked if he was interested in auditioning for a movie after quickly being impressed by the charisma and character that Tua possess. This film to be directed by Michael Winnick. Tua immediately was lifted and inspired with all he saw around him. From that moment on Tua never gave up on his dream.

Tua immediately started attending acting classes. Later signing with Broadway Artist Management where he booked a role in “Diedra and Laney Rob a Train,” this film was selected to premiere at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, along with Stella (2017), and numerous films and commercials.  Eventually, Tua found his passion in creating and writing his own film scripts. With the help of InglewoodFilms, his creation of the Samoan Gold Series on Amazon Prime became a huge success and his award-winning film Dear Lord became a life changing film for hundreds. The dedication continues to this day with various roles and perfecting his craft by implementing new methods and knowledge he gains with each new experience. All while still dedicating time to serve, inspire, and encourage the youth in his community and all over the world to never doubt themselves and to always follow their dreams.

“If you want to go fast in life you go alone, if you want to go far, we go together.” – Tua Kealoha

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