Afro Black
Afro Black is the coolest, dopest, toughest, roughest cat around and when it comes to dealers
Dear Lord
Street hustler "Game" gets sucked into the life of his neighborhood environment.
Behind the Smiles
This docuseries will touch subjects that will spark conversations.
Fear Level
Increased level of fear, six colliding stories, one roller coaster ride of emotions and terror.
Samoan Gold
G-Love has just lost his grip on life, and his father confronts him to pieces his life back together and do something about it
A female assassin vows to put her special gifts that were giving to her by the God's to good use
The Shoebox
Four soldiers battle with PTSD before ever stepping foot in Afghanistan in 2016
Algea God Of Pain
In 2046, a time when torture deals with Algea, The God of Pain, is enforced to reduce the pain and suffering in the mortal world. The worst of the worst criminals are given a sentence to indefinite torture in the underworld. Through a portal to the ungodly is where they will remain
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